Power Man and Iron Fist, Volume 1

Power Man and Iron Fist, Volume 1
Various authors and artists
Marvel Comics’ odd coupling of the streetwise Luke Cage/Power Man (he of the silk shirts, skin of steel and “three hundred pounds a’ solid muscle”) and martial arts master Danny Rand/Iron Fist (so named because of a punch that can be made “like unto a thing of iron”) gets the essential anthology treatment in this omnibus edition. I was a fan of this series as a kid, and I think I enjoyed them just as much this time around. Cage isn’t a jive-talkin’ stereotype, and the romance between Rand and Misty Knight is respectably handled. Of course Misty and Colleen, whose Nightwing Restorations is the distaff version of Heroes for Hire, are still damsels in distress most of the time, with the cash-strapped boys having to take taxis to their rescue. All good fun, and especially nice to see some of the C-list supervillains who don’t even have entries in the Marvel Encylopedia make appearances. Whatever happened to The Incinerator? He had potential!

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