The Dating Game Killer

The Dating Game Killer
Stella Sands

It’s interesting that in the brief pop history time capsules that stud this book Stella Sands never mentions the release of Dirty Harry in 1971, meaning it might have been seen by Rodney Alcala during his own criminal career. The two reflect one another, as Eastwood’s no-nonsense cop had his own way of addressing the dysfunctions in the Californian justice system that Alcala managed to exploit for so many years. That omission aside, this is one of the better efforts in the St. Martin’s True Crime series, I think mainly because more is known about the events being described. A lot of true crime books stumble through trying to be first to press. Though his final trial only concluded in 2010, the murders Alcala committed occurred decades ago and the long and muddled judicial history of his case (bungled by both sides, to be fair) is extensive. You can certainly see where the appeal of a figure like Dirty Harry came from.

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