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INDEX OF REVIEWS BY AUTHOR (INCOMPLETE) A Abley, Mark. Spoken Here Abrams, J. J. S. Acemoglu, Daron. Why Nations Fail Ackroyd, Peter. Alfred Hitchcock Ackroyd, Peter. Charlie Chaplin Ackroyd, Peter. Foundation Ackroyd, Peter. Poe Aczel, Amir D. Pendulum Adams, Michael. American Backlash Aickman, Robert. Dark Entries Akunin, Boris. Murder on the Leviathan Alberta, Tim. American … Continue reading “Author Index”


CAN’TLIT: FEARLESS FICTION FROM BROKEN PENCIL MAGAZINE Ed. by Richard Rosenbaum Though its precise origins are unclear, the term CanLit is now culturally enshrined as shorthand for all that is established and orthodox (or boring and stuffy) in Canadian fiction. The anthology Can’tLit sets itself in strong opposition, with editor Richard Rosenbaum leading the charge … Continue reading “Can’tLit”

Hitler: Nemesis

HITLER: NEMESIS, 1936-1945 By Ian Kershaw Nemesis is the second part of a massive new biography of Adolf Hitler. Together, the two-volume set totals over 2,000 pages and weighs a little over seven pounds. The word “definitive” comes to mind, with “exhaustive” not too far behind. But not “best.” The best biography of Hitler available, … Continue reading “Hitler: Nemesis”

The Hitler of History and Explaining Hitler

THE HITLER OF HISTORY By John Lukacs EXPLAINING HITLER: THE SEARCH FOR THE ORIGINS OF HIS EVIL By Ron Rosenbaum Since his death in 1945, there have been over one hundred biographies of Adolf Hitler, as well as countless histories and analyses of the Third Reich. Anyone attempting to deal with Hitler today faces a … Continue reading “The Hitler of History and Explaining Hitler”

History Lessons

“Since Americans have recently found it more comfortable to see where they have been than to think of where they are going, their state of mind has become increasingly passive and spectatorial. Historical novels, fictionalized biographies, collections of pictures and cartoons, books on American regions and rivers, have poured forth to satisfy a ravenous appetite … Continue reading “History Lessons”