In 1997 I began reviewing books for a local daily newspaper. A year later I started a website, briefly known as Alex Good’s Book Page, which in 1999 became GoodReports.net. The site had various features, including an anthology of fiction and poetry links, essays, author interviews, and reports on the latest book news.

More recently, other obligations have left me with less time to spend on the site. In 2014 I did another makeover, and the site is now being maintained primarily as an archive of my reviews.

For my film commentaries, please see Alex on Film. For a site containing more general reflections, please see Alex Good.net.


3 thoughts on “About”

  1. I didn’t realize you were back. I’m glad to find this. Maybe fifteen years ago you published an annual review of the worst purple-prose book reviews and blurbs. I cannot find it on this site. Can it be found somewhere else or did you take it down with the anthology?


    1. Hi Andre! Yes, I think those were the Puffy Awards. They came down a while ago. I may still have them on some old computer in the basement but they’re not on the site anymore.


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