Author Index



Abley, Mark. Spoken Here
Abrams, J. J. S.
Acemoglu, Daron. Why Nations Fail
Ackerman, Spencer. Reign of Terror
Ackroyd, Peter. Alfred Hitchcock
Ackroyd, Peter. Charlie Chaplin
Ackroyd, Peter. Foundation
Ackroyd, Peter. Poe
Aczel, Amir D. Pendulum
Adams, Michael. American Backlash
Aickman, Robert. Dark Entries
Akunin, Boris. Murder on the Leviathan
Alberta, Tim. American Carnage
Alexander, Brian. Glass House
Alexis, André. A
Alexis, André. Asylum
Allahar, Anton L. Lowering Higher Education
Amis, Martin. Koba the Dread
Amis, Martin. Lionel Asbo
Amis, Martin. The War Against Cliché
Andersen, Kurt. Evil Geniuses
Anderson, Edward. Thieves Like Us
Andress, David. 1789: The Threshold of the Modern Age
Applebaum, Anne. Iron Curtain
Applebaum, Anne. Twilight of Democracy
Appleby, Timothy. A New Kind of Monster
Arcan, Nelly. Exit
Arjouni, Jakob. Kismet
Armstrong, Karen. Fields of Blood
Asbridge, Thomas. The Crusades
Ash, Timothy Garton. The File
Ashby, Madeline. Licence Expired
Atwood, Margaret. In Other Worlds
Auletta, Ken. World War 3.0
Auster, Paul. Man in the Dark
Axelrod, Alan. Little-known Wars of Great and Lasting Impact


Baatz, Simon. For the Thrill of It
Bacevich, Andrew. The Age of Illusions
Bacevich, Andrew. America’s War for the Greater Middle East
Bacevich, Andrew. Washington Rules
Backderf, Derf. My Friend Dahmer
Bai, Matt. All the Truth Is Out
Bailey, Blake. Cheever
Baillargeon, Normand. A Short Course in Intellectual Self-Defense
Bailyn, Bernard. The Barbarous Years
Bainbridge, Beryl. Master Georgie
Bakan, Joel. Childhood Under Siege
Baker, Jo. Longbourn
Baker, Nicholson. The Anthologist
Baker, Nicholson. A Box of Matches
Baker, Nicholson. Checkpoint
Baker, Nicholson. Double Fold
Baker, Nicholson. The Way the World Works
Bakewell, Sarah. How to Live
Ball, Edward. The Inventor and the Tycoon
Ballard, J. G. The Best Short Stories of J. G. Ballard
Bandi. The Accusation
Banville, John. Ancient Light
Banville, John. The Infinities
Barash, David P. Madame Bovary’s Ovaries
Barash, Nanelle R. Madame Bovary’s Ovaries
Barbe, Jean. How to Become a Monster
Barlow, Maude. MAI
Barnes, Julian. Arthur & George
Barnes, Julian. Keeping an Eye Open
Barnes, Julian. Pulse
Barnes, Julian. The Sense of an Ending
Barnes, Julian. Through the Window
Barnes, Mike. The Lily Pond
Barry, Max. Jennifer Government
Bart, Peter. Who Killed Hollywood?
Basilières, Michel. A Free Man
Bate, W. Jackson. The Burden of the Past and the English Poet
Bateman, Barry. One Tragic Night
Bateman, Jackie. Nondescript Rambunctious
Bauerlein, Mark. The Dumbest Generation
Bayard, Pierre. How to Talk About Books You Haven’t Read
Beard, Mary. SPQR
Beatty, Jack. Age of Betrayal
Beatty, Jack. The Lost History of 1914
Beaulieu, Jimmy. Suddenly Something Happened
Beauman, Ned. Glow
Beavan, Colin. No Impact Man
Beevor, Antony. The Fall of Berlin 1945
Beevor, Antony. Russia: Revolution and Civil War
Bell, David A. Men on Horseback
Bell, John. Invaders from the North
Bellamy, Edward. Looking Backward
Bellow, Adam. In Praise of Nepotism
Benen, Steve. Impostors
Benforado, Adam. Unfair
Benjamin, Walter. The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction
Bennett, Jonathan. The Colonial Hotel
Bennett, William J. The Death of Outrage
Bentley, E. C. Trent’s Last Case
Bercuson, David. Petrified Campus
Berendt, John. Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
Bergreen, Laurence. Capone
Berton, Pierre. Marching as to War
Berton, Pierre. Prisoners of the North
Billows, Richard A. Before and After Alexander
Bingham, Robert. Lightning on the Sun
Bissoondath, Neil. The Age of Confession
Black, Conrad. Donald J. Trump: A President Like No Other
Black, Conrad. Flight of the Eagle
Black, Conrad. Rise to Greatness
Blackburn, George. Where the Hell Are the Guns?
Blackburn, Julia. The Leper’s Companions
Blackburn, Julia. The Three of Us
Blackburn, Simon. Plato’s Republic
Blair, Peggy. The Beggar’s Opera
Blaise, Clark. The Meagre Tarmac
Blaise, Clark. Selected Essays
Blom, Phillipp. A Wicked Company
Bobrick, Benson. Wide As the Waters
Bock, Charles. Beautiful Children
Boorstin, Daniel J. The Image
Boorstin, Daniel J. The Seekers
Bothwell, Robert. Petrified Campus
Bourke, Joanna. The Second World War
Bowering, George. Left Hook
Bowering, George. Stone Country
Bown, Stephen R. The Last Viking
Boyagoda, Randy. Dante’s Indiana
Boyczuk, Robert. Horror Story
Boyczuk, Robert. Nexus
Boyden, Joseph. Three Day Road
Boyers, Robert. The Tyranny of Virtue
Boyko, C. P. Psychology
Braddick, Michael. God’s Fury, England’s Fire
Bradshaw, Kathlyn. The Frankenstein Murders
Bragg, Melvyn. 12 Books that Changed the World
Brands, H. W. American Colossus
Brands, H. W. The Murder of Jim Fisk for the Love of Josie Mansfield
Brands, H. W. Reagan: A Life
Brendon, Piers. Eminent Elizabethans
Brittain-Catlin, William. Offshore
Brocklehurst, Ann. Dark Ambition
Bromwich, David. American Breakdown
Bronworth, Lars. Lost to the West
Brooks, Max. World War Z
Brown, Andy. The Mole Chronicles
Brown, Archie. The Rise and Fall of Communism
Brown, Frederic. The Screaming Mimi
Bryan, Mike. The Afterword
Bryant, Nick. When America Stopped Being Great
Bryson, Bill. A Short History of Nearly Everything
Buday, Grant. Dragonflies
Bull, Marcus. Thinking Medieval
Bunch, Will. Tear Down This Myth
Burgess, Tony. The Hellmouths of Bewdley
Burgess, Tony. Idaho Winter
Burgess, Tony. People Live Still in Cashtown Corners
Burgess, Tony. Ravenna Gets
Burke, James Lee. Purple Cane Road
Burke, Jason. The 9/11 Wars
Burleigh, Nina. The Fatal Gift of Beauty
Burnett, D. Graham. A Trial by Jury
Burrough, Bryan. Public Enemies
Burrow, John. A History of Histories
Bursey, Jeff. An Impalpable Certain Rest
Buss, David M. The Murderer Next Door
Butcher, Tim. Blood River
Butts, Edward. Murder: Twelve True Stories of Homicide in Canada
Byers, William. The Blind Spot
Byrne, Emma. Swearing Is Good For You


Cameron, Stevie. On the Farm
Campbell, W. Keith. The Narcissism Epidemic
Carey, Edward. Observatory Mansions
Carey, John. What Good Are the Arts?
Carey, Peter. My Life as a Fake
Carey, Peter. Theft
Carey, Peter. True History of the Kelly Gang
Carlo, Philip. The Night Stalker
Carr, Nicholas. The Shallows
Carrère, Emmanuel. The Adversary
Carrière, Jean-Claude. This Is Not the End of the Book
Carson, Anne. The Beauty of the Husband
Carson, Anne. An Oresteia
Carter, David. Marquis de Sade
Carter, Graydon. What We’ve Lost
Cartledge, Paul. Alexander the Great
Casey, Michael J. The Unfair Trade
Castro, Elliot. Other People’s Money
Cave, Nick. The Death of Bunny Munro
Chadha, Yogesh. Rediscovering Gandhi
Chang, Jung. Mao: The Untold Story
Charles, Roger G. Oklahoma City
Cherlin, Andrew J. The Marriage-Go-Round
Chernow, Ron. Titan
Chesterton, G. K. Favorite Father Brown Stories
Chomsky, Noam. Failed States
Chomsky, Noam. Hegemony or Survival
Chomsky, Noam. 9/11: Was There an Alternative?
Chomsky, Noam. Who Rules the World?
Christie, Agatha. Mrs. McGinty’s Dead
Churchill, Rob. The Voynich Manuscript
Clarke, Peter. The Locomotive of War
Clarke, Tony. MAI
Clinton, Hillary Rodham. What Happened
Coady, Lynn. The Antagonist
Coady, Lynn. Hellgoing
Coady, Lynn. Who Needs Books?
Coburn, Broughton. Everest
Cockburn, Patrick. The Age of Jihad
Codrescu, Andrei. The Poetry Lesson
Cohen, Stephen F. War With Russia?
Colford, Ian. Evidence
Collini, Stefan. Speaking of Universities
Collins, Max Allan. Kiss Her Goodbye
Collins, Michael. The Secret Life of E. Robert Pendleton
Comeau, Joey. The Complete Lockpick Pornography
Comeau, Joey. One Bloody Thing After Another
Comeau, Joey. The Summer is Ended and We Are Not Yet Saved
Conley, Tim. Whatever Happens
Conniff, Richard. The Natural History of the Rich
Cook, Tim. Lifesavers and Body Snatchers
Cooke, Darwyn. Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter
Coren, Michael. Epiphany
Corn, David. Russian Roulette
Corrigan, Maureen. So We Read On
Cossette, Sophie. Sinemania!
Costa, Robert. Peril
Coupland, Douglas. Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People
Côté, James E. Lowering Higher Education
Coupland, Douglas. All Families Are Psychotic
Coupland, Douglas. Generation A
Coupland, Douglas. Kitten Clone
Coupland, Douglas. Marshall McLuhan
Coupland, Douglas. Miss Wyoming
Coupland, Douglas. Player One
Coupland, Douglas. Souvenir of Canada
Coupland, Douglas. Souvenir of Canada 2
Coupland, Douglas. Worst. Person. Ever.
Courtemanche, Gil. A Sunday at the Pool in Kigali
Couvée, Petra. The Zhivago Affair
Cram, Buffy. Radio Belly
Crews, Frederick. Freud: The Making of an Illusion
Cronenberg, David. Consumed
Crossen, Cynthia. The Rich and How They Got That Way
Cullen, Dave. Columbine
Cullerton, Brenda. The Craigslist Murders
Cumings, Bruce. The Korean War
Cumyn, Richard. The Young in Their Country
Cuneo, Michael J. American Exorcism
Cunningham, Michael. Specimen Days
Curtis, Drew. It’s Not News, It’s Fark
Cutter, Nick. The Deep
Cutter, Nick. The Troop


Danielewski, Mark Z. Only Revolutions
D’Antonio, Michael. The Truth About Trump
Dash, Mike. Batavia’s Graveyard
Dash, Mike. The First Family
Davie, Michael. Fishing for Bacon
Davis, Lydia. Can’t and Won’t
Davis, Mike. In Praise of Barbarians
Davis, Mike. Late Victorian Holocausts
Deaver, Jeffrey. Carte Blanche
de Botton, Alain. The Architecture of Happiness
Dedman, Bill. Empty Mansions
De La Pava, Sergio. A Naked Singularity
Delbanco, Andrew. Melville
DeLillo, Don. Cosmopolis
DeLillo, Don. Underworld
DeLillo, Don. Zero K
Delury, John. Wealth and Power
Denby, David. Do the Movies Have a Future?
Denby, David. Snark
Denison, Matthew. The Twelve Caesars
Deresiewicz, William. The Death of the Artist
Deresiewicz, William. Excellent Sheep
Desbarats, Peter. Somalia Coverup
De Villiers, Marq. Our Way Out
Dey, Claudia. How to Be a Bush Pilot
Dey, Claudia. Stunt
Diamond, Jared. Collapse
Díaz, Junot. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Dick, Philip K. The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick
Dick, Philip K. Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick
Dickey, James. Deliverance
Dickner, Nicolas. Nikolski
Dickson, Gary. The Children’s Crusade
Dobbin, Murray. The Myth of the Good Corporate Citizen
Doctorow, Cory. Information Doesn’t Want to Be Free
Doctorow, E. L. Homer & Langley
Doctorow, E. L. The March
Doda, Christopher. Best Canadian Essays 2016
Doolittle, Robyn. Crazy Town
Dorst, Doug. S.
Douthat, Ross. The Decadent Society
Dozois, Gardner. The Year’s Best Science Fiction 15
Drakulić, Slavenka. They Would Never Hurt a Fly
Draper, Robert. Dead Certain
D’Souza, Dinesh. The Enemy at Home
Dubé, Peter. The City’s Gates
Dubner, Stephen. The Best American Crime Reporting, 2010
Dubner, Stephen J. Freakonomics
Duggan, Matt. Cherry Electra
Du Mez, Kristin Kobes. Jesus and John Wayne
Duncan, Mike. The Storm Before the Storm
Dupont, Eric. Songs for the Cold of Heart
Durcan, Liam. The Measure of Darkness
Dyer, Geoff. “Broadsword Calling Danny Boy”
Dyer, Gwynne. Canada in the Great Power Game, 1914 – 2014
Dyer, Gwynne. Future: Tense
Dyer, Gwynne. The Mess They Made
Dyer, Gwynne. With Every Mistake


Eagleton, Terry. Across the Pond
Eaton, Chris. Chris Eaton, a Biography
Eaton, Chris. The Grammar Architect
Eaton, Chris. The Inactivist
Ebert, Roger. The Great Movies
Ebert, Roger. The Great Movies II
Eco, Umberto. Chronicles of a Liquid Society
Eco, Umberto. Confessions of a Young Novelist
Eco, Umberto. The Prague Cemetery
Eco, Umberto. This Is Not the End of the Book
Edmonds, David. Bobby Fischer Goes to War
Edwards, Peter. The Bandido Massacre
Ehrenreich, Barbara. Bait and Switch
Ehrenreich, Barbara. Natural Causes
Ehrenreich, Barbara. This Land Is Their Land
Ehrman, Bart. Did Jesus Exist?
Ehrman, Bart. Heaven and Hell
Ehrman, Bart. Lost Christianities
Eidinow, John. Bobby Fischer Goes to War
Eisler, Benita. Byron
Eksteins, Modris. Solar Dance
El Akkad, Omar. American War
Ellis, Bret Easton. Imperial Bedrooms
Ellis, Bret Easton. Lunar Park
Ellis, Richard. Imagining Atlantis
Ellison, Ralph. Juneteenth
Ellroy, James. American Tabloid
Ely, David. Seconds
Emmott, Stephen. Ten Billion
English, Sharon. Zero Gravity
Epstein, Edward Jay. The Hollywood Economist
Epstein, Joseph. Alexis de Toqueville: Democracy’s Guide
Esler, Gavin. The United States of Anger
Evans, Brad. Disposable Futures
Evdokimov, Aleksei. Headcrusher
Everitt, Anthony. Alexander the Great
Everitt, Anthony. The Rise of Rome
Everitt, David. The A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers


Falk, Dan. The Science of Shakespeare
Farrell, Susan. Basement Suite
Faux, Jeff. The Servant Economy
Fénéon, Félix. Novels in Three Lines
Fenwick, Ray. Hall of Best Knowledge
Ferguson, Charles H. Predator Nation
Ferguson, Niall. Civilization
Ferguson, Niall. The Great Degeneration
Ferguson, Rob. The Devil and the Disappearing Sea
Ferguson, Robert. The Vikings
Fernández-Armesto, Felipe. Civilizations
Fernández-Armesto, Felipe. 1492
Fest, Joachim. Inside Hitler’s Bunker
Fest, Joachim. Speer
Figes, Orlando. A People’s Tragedy
Figes, Orlando. Revolutionary Russia 1891 – 1991
Filion, John. The Only Average Guy (revisit)
Finder, Henry. The 40s
Finkleman, Ken. Noah’s Turn
Finn, Peter. The Zhivago Affair
Fiorentino, Jon Paul. Stripmalling
Firth, Matthew. Shag Carpet Action
Fishman, Steve. New York Stories
Fisher, Max. The Chaos Machine
Fisk, Robert. The Great War for Civilisation
Fforde, Jasper. Shades of Grey
Flanders, Judith. The Invention of Murder
Flannery, Tim. Here on Earth
Fleming, Ian. Dr. No
Flynn, Gillian. Gone Girl
Flynn, Kevin. Wicked Intentions
Foer, Franklin. World Without Mind
Follain, John. Jackal
Foner, Eric. Who Owns History?
Forsyth, Frederick. The Day of the Jackal
Forsyth, Neil. Other People’s Money
Fotheringham, Allan. Fotheringham’s Fictionary of Facts and Follies
Fotheringham, Scott. The Rest is Silence
Fox, Robin Lane. Pagans and Christians
Fox, Robin Lane. The Unauthorized Version
Francis, Brian. Fruit
Frank, Thomas. Listen, Liberal
Frank, Thomas. One Market, Under God
Frank, Thomas. Pity the Billionaire
Frank, Thomas. Rendezvous with Oblivion
Frank, Thomas. What’s the Matter With Kansas?
Frank, Thomas. The Wrecking Crew
Fraser, Steve. The Age of Acquiescence
Freeland, Chrystia. Plutocrats
Freeman, Charles. A.D. 381
Freeman, Charles. The Closing of the Western Mind
Friedman, George. Flashpoints
Fritz, Ben. The Big Picture
Frum, David. How We Got Here: The ’70s
Frum, David. Trumpocracy
Frye, Northrop. Northrop Frye’s Student Essays
Fukuyama, Francis. Liberalism and Its Discontents
Furedi, Frank. First World War: Still No End in Sight


Gabler, Neal. Life: The Movie
Gaiman, Neil. The Best American Comics 2010
Gaiman, Neil. Stories
Gaiman, Neil. The View from the Cheap Seats
Gairdner, William. The Trouble With Democracy
Galbraith, John Kenneth. The Great Crash 1929
Galchen, Rivka. American Innovations
Galchen, Rivka. Atmospheric Disturbances
Galland, Nicole. The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
Garber, Marjorie. The Use and Abuse of Literature
Gardner, Dan. Future Babble
Gardner, Dan. Superforecasting
Garland, Alex. The Beach
Garrison, Nick. Carbon Shift
Garros, Alexander. Headcrusher
Gartner, Zsuzsi. Darwin’s Bastards
Gaston, Bill. Gargoyles
Gaston, Bill. The World
Gawthrop, Daniel. The Trial of Pope Benedict
Geary, Rick. J. Edgar Hoover
Gelbspan, Ross. Boiling Point
Gessen, Masha. The Man Without a Face
Gessen, Masha. Surviving Autocracy
Gibbons, Stella. Cold Comfort Farm
Gibney, Bruce Cannon. A Generation of Sociopaths
Gibson, William. The Peripheral
Gibson, William. Zero History
Gilbert, Sky. Brother Dumb
Gilder, Anne-Lee Heavenly Intrigue
Gilder, Joshua. Heavenly Intrigue
Gill, Ian. No News Is Bad News
Gilmour, David. Extraordinary
Gilmour, David. A Perfect Night to Go to China
Gilmour, David. The Perfect Order of Things
Gilmour, David. Sparrow Nights
Giroux, Henry A. Disposable Futures
Gitlin, Todd. Media Unlimited
Glatt, John. Secrets in the Cellar
Gleick, James. Isaac Newton
Glennon, Paul. Bookweird
Glennon, Paul. The Dodecahedron
Glenny, Misha. McMafia
Glover, Douglas. Savage Love
Godey, John. The Taking of Pelham One Two Three
Goldbach, John. Selected Blackouts
Goldberg, Harold. All Your Base Are Belong to Us
Goldhill, Simon. Love, Sex & Tragedy
Goldman, Francisco. The Art of Political Murder
Goldstone, Lawrence. The Activist
Goldsworthy, Adrian. Augustus
Goldsworthy, Adrian. Caesar
Goold, Douglas. The Bre-X Fraud
Gopnik, Adam. Winter
Gordon, Charlotte. Romantic Outlaws
Gores, Joe. Spade & Archer
Gorman, Brian. Crash to Paywall
Gormley, Ken. The Death of American Virtue
Gottfried, Robert S. The Black Death
Gotthelf, Jeremias. The Black Spider
Govani, Shinan. Boldface Names
Graeber, Charles. The Good Nurse
Graedon, Alena. The Word Exchange
Grady, Wayne. Chasing the Chinook
Granatstein, J. L. Petrified Campus
Granatstein, J. L. Who Killed Canadian History?
Gray, Charlotte. The Massey Murder
Gray, Francine Du Plessix. At Home With the Marquis de Sade
Gray, John. Black Mass
Gray, John. The Immortalization Commission
Gray, R. W. Entropic
Grayling, A. C. Ideas That Matter
Green, James. Death in the Haymarket
Green, Peter. The Hellenistic Age
Greenberg, Gary. The Book of Woe
Greenblatt, Stephen. Tyrant
Greene, Brian. The Hidden Reality
Griggs, Terry. Thought You Were Dead
Grillo, Ioan. El Narco
Gross, Jan T. Uncivil Society
Grubisic, Katia. What If Red Ran Out
Guinn, Jeff. Manson
Gumbel, Andrew. Oklahoma City
Gurganus, Allan. Plays Well With Others
Gutstein, Donald. Harperism
Guy, John. Thomas Becket


Haddon, Mark. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time
Hadfield, Chris. The Apollo Murders
Hall, Allan. Girl in the Cellar
Halliday, Jon. Mao: The Untold Story
Hallinan, Joseph T. Going Up the River
Hamilton, Tim. Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451
Hardcastle, Kevin. Debris
Hare, Robert D. Without Conscience
Harkin, James. Lost in Cyburbia
Harris. Doug. You Comma Idiot
Harris, Michael. Solitude
Harrison, Kathryn. Joan of Arc
Hartwell, David G. Year’s Best SF 6
Harvey, Kenneth J. Blackstrap Hawco
Harvey, Kenneth J. Inside
Harvey, Miles. The Island of Lost Maps
Hatherley, Owen. A Guide to the New Ruins of Great Britain
Hayes, Christopher. Twilight of the Elites
Hayward, Brent. Filaria
Hayward, Brent. The Fecund’s Melancholy Daughter
Heath, Joseph. Enlightenment 2.0
Heather, Peter. The Fall of the Roman Empire
Hedges, Chris. America, The Farewell Tour
Hedges, Chris. Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt
Hedges, Chris. Death of the Liberal Class
Hedges, Chris. Empire of Illusion
Hedges, Chris. Wages of Rebellion
Heighton, Steven. The Dead Are More Visible
Heighton, Steven. Every Lost Country
Heinlein, Robert A. Starship Troopers
Heller, Anne C. Ayn Rand and the World She Made
Helwig, David. The Names of Things
Hemingway, Ernest. True at First Light
Henderson, Smith. Fourth of July Creek
Henighan, Stephen. Mr. Singh Among the Fugitives
Henighan, Stephen. A Report on the Afterlife of Culture
Henighan, Stephen. When Words Deny the World
Henriques, Diana B. The Wizard of Lies
Henstra, Sarah. The Red Word
Hiaasen, Carl. Basket Case
Hiaasen, Carl. Skinny Dip
Hiaasen, Carl. Sick Puppy
Hibbert, Christopher. The Borgias and Their Enemies
Hibbert, Christopher. The Rise and Fall of the House of Medici
Higgins, George V. The Friends of Eddie Coyle
Higgs, John. Stranger Than We Can Imagine
Hill, Susan. The Woman in Black
Hochschild, Arlie Russell. Strangers In Their Own Land
Hoffman, Carl. Liar’s Circus
Hoffman, Michael. The Empty Café
Hofler, Robert. Sexplosion
Hogeland, William. The Whiskey Rebellion
Holden, Anthony. William Shakespeare
Holland, Tom. Dynasty
Holland, Tom. Millennium
Hollingshead, Greg. Act Normal
Homans, John. New York Stories
Homer-Dixon, Thomas. Carbon Shift
Hoobler, Dorothy. The Crimes of Paris
Hoobler, Thomas. The Crimes of Paris
Horowitz, Anthony. Trigger Mortis
Hosking, Jay. Three Years with the Rat
Houellebecq, Michel. The Elementary Particles
Houellebecq, Michel. The Map and the Territory
Houellebecq, Michel. The Possibility of an Island
House, Karen Elliott. On Saudi Arabia
Household, Geoffrey. Rogue Male
Howarth, David. 1066
Howe, Ben. The Immoral Majority
Howells, Coral Ann. The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature
Hua, Yu. China in Ten Words
Hua, Yu. The Seventh Day
Hua, Yu. To Live
Huff, Mickey. Censored 2010
Huff, Mickey. Censored 2011
Huff, Mickey. Censored 2012
Huff, Mickey. Censored 2013
Huff, Mickey. Censored 2016
Huff, Mickey. Censored 2018
Huffington, Arianna. Third World America
Hughes, Matthew. The Commons
Hughes, Robert. Rome
Humphreys, C. C. Plague
Hurtig, Mel. The Truth About Canada
Hutchinson, Robert. The Spanish Armada


Ibbotson, John. The Polite Revolution
Ignatieff, Michael. On Consolation
Inglis, Fred. A Short History of Celebrity
Isaacson, Walter. The Innovators
Isenberg, Nancy. Fallen Founder
Ishiguro, Kazuo. Never Let Me Go
Isikoff, Michael. Russian Roulette
Islam, Ghalib. Fire in the Unnameable Country


Jackman, Clifford. The Braver Thing
Jackman, Clifford. The Winter Family
Jackson, Lorna. Cold-Cocked
Jackson, Shirley. The Haunting of Hill House
Jacobs, Danny. Songs that Remind Us of Factories
Jacoby, Susan. The Age of American Unreason
James, Aaron. Assholes
James, Bill. Popular Crime
James, Clive. Cultural Amnesia
James, Lawrence. The Rise and Fall of the British Empire
James, P. D. Cover Her Face
Jantunen, John. A Desolate Splendor
Jantunen, John. No Quarter
Jarman, Mark Anthony. Knife Party at the Hotel Europa
Jasanoff, Maya. The Dawn Watch
Jay, Mike. The Air Loom Gang
Jin, Ha. A Good Fall
Johnson, Dennis Loy. The Big Chill
Johnson, Paul. Napoleon
Johnson, Steven. The Invention of Air
Jones, Dan. Crusaders
Jones, Dan. The Hollow Crown
Jones, Jonathan. The Lost Battles
Jones, Lloyd. Mister Pip
Jones, Owen. Chavs
Judt, Tony. Ill Fares the Land
Judt, Tony. Postwar
Judt, Tony. When the Facts Change
Junger, Sebastian. A Death in Belmont
Junger, Sebastian. The Perfect Storm


Kacynski, Theodore. Technological Slavery
Kael, Pauline. The Age of Movies
Kakutani, Michiko. The Death of Truth
Kaminer, Wendy. It’s All the Rage
Kaminer, Wendy. Sleeping With Extra-Terrestrials
Kammen, Michael. Visual Shock
Kanfer, Stefan. Groucho
Kaplan, Robert D. An Empire Wilderness
Karlinsky, Harry. The Stonehenge Letters
Kay, Glen. Zombie Movies
Kay, Jonathan. Among the Truthers
Keefe, Patrick Radden. The Snakehead
Keegan, John. The First World War
Keen, Andrew. The Cult of the Amateur
Keith, W. J. Canadian Literature in English
Kendzior, Sarah. Hiding in Plain Sight
Kendzior, Sarah. The View from Flyover Country
Kennedy, Gerry. The Voynich Manuscript
Kendall, David. The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comics
Kermode, Frank. The Age of Shakespeare
Kermode, Mark. The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex
Kermode, Mark. Hatchet Job
Kerr, Alex. Dogs and Demons
Kershaw, Ian. The End
Kershaw, Ian. Fateful Choices
Kershaw, Ian. Hitler: Nemesis
Kershaw, Ian. Personality and Power
Kertes, Josef. The Afterlife of Stars
Kertes, Joseph. Best Canadian Essays 2016
King, David. Death in the City of Light
King, David. Vienna, 1814
King, Ross. Brunelleschi’s Dome
King, Ross. The Judgment of Paris
King, Ross. Leonardo and the Last Supper
King, Ross. Machiavelli
King, Stephen. Cell
King, Stephen. Duma Key
King, Stephen. Just After Sunset
King, Stephen. Misery
King, Stephen. Under the Dome
Kingsolver, Barbara. The Poisonwood Bible
Kingwell, Mark. Better Living
Kipen, David. The Schreiber Theory
Kirino, Natsuo. Grotesque
Kirino, Natsuo. Real World
Kirkman, Robert. The Walking Dead — Compendium One
Kirkpatrick, David. The Facebook Effect
Kirn, Walter. Lost in the Meritocracy
Kissinger, Henry. World Order
Kissinger, Henry. Years of Renewal
Klein, Joe. The Natural
Klein, Naomi. Fences and Windows
Klein, Naomi. No Logo
Klein, Naomi. This Changes Everything
Kleinknecht, William. The Man Who Sold the World
Klinenberg, Eric. Going Solo
Klosterman, Chuck. I Wear the Black Hat
Klosterman, Chuck. Killing Yourself to Live
Kneale, Matthew. Small Crimes In an Age of Abundance
Knelman, Joshua. Hot Art
Knipfel, Jim. The Buzzing
Koch, Herman. The Dinner
Kolbert, Elizabeth. Field Notes from a Catastrophe
Komar, Debra. The Ballad of Jacob Peck
Kotkin, Stephen. Uncivil Society
Krakauer, Jon. Into Thin Air
Krist, Gary. Extravagance
Kriwaczek, Paul. Babylon
Kröller, Eva-Marie. The Cambridge History of Canadian Literature
Krugman, Paul. Arguing with Zombies
Kucynski, Alex. Beauty Junkies
Kundera, Milan. Ignorance
Kureishi, Hanif. The Last Word
Kurkov, Andrey. Death and the Penguin
Kushner, David. Masters of Doom


Laird, Gordon. The Price of a Bargain
Laird, Gordon. Slumming It at the Rodeo
Lalumière, Claude. The Door to Lost Pages
Lalumière, Claude. Objects of Worship
Lanchester, John. Capital
Lanchester, John. I.O.U.
Lanchester, John. Mr. Phillips
Lanchester, John. The Wall
Lando, Barry. Web of Deceit
Lanier, Jaron. Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now
Lanier, Jaron. Who Owns the Future?
Lanier, Jaron. You Are Not a Gadget
Lapham, Lewis. Lights, Camera, Democracy!
Laqueur, Walter. After the Fall
Larson, Erik. The Devil in the White City
Lasch, Christopher. The Culture of Narcissism
Lattin, Don. Jesus Freaks
Lawrence, Bruce. The Qur’an
Lazarus, Edward. Closed Chambers
Lecker, Robert. Dr. Delicious
Lee, Bandy. The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump
Lee, Hermione. Edith Wharton
Lehr, Dick. Judgment Ridge
Leidig, Michael. Girl in the Cellar
Lem, Stanislaw. Solaris
Lennox, Matt. The Carpenter
Leonard, Annie. The Story of Stuff
Leonnig, Carol. I Alone Can Fix It
Lepore, Jill. The Secret Life of Wonder Woman
Leventhal, Michael. The Hand of History
Leveritt, Mara. Devil’s Knot
Levingston, Steven. Little Demon in the City of Light
Levitin, Daniel J. The Organized Mind
Levitt, Steven D. Freakonomics
Levy, Bernard-Henri. American Vertigo
Lewis, Michael. The Big Short
Lewis, Michael. Boomerang
Lewis, Michael. The Fifth Risk
Lewis, Michael. Flash Boys
Libling, Michael. Hollywood North
Liddle, Rod. Selfish, Whining Monkeys
Lieberman, Jeffrey A. Shrinks
Lieven, Dominic. The End of Tsarist Russia
Lilla, Mark. The Once and Future Liberal
Lillibuen, Steve. The Devil’s Cinema
Lingeman, Richard. Sinclair Lewis
Lipscomb, Suzannah. The King is Dead
Lipsyte, Sam. The Subject Steve
Lista, Michael. Strike Anywhere
Little, Allan. Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation
Livesey, Bruce. Thieves of Bay Street
Llosa, Mario Vargas. The Feast of the Goat
Llosa, Mario Vargas. Notes on the Death of Culture
Loney, Martin. The Pursuit of Division
Longerich, Peter. Goebbels
Longerich, Peter. Heinrich Himmler
Lukacs, John. The Hitler of History
Lukacs, John. The Legacy of the Second World War
Lusk, Jayson. The Food Police
Lymbery, Philip. Farmageddon
Lysiak, Matthew. Newtown


MacDonald, Bruce. Coureurs de Bois
Macdonald, Dwight. Masscult and Midcult
Macdonald, Ross. Black Money
Macdonald, Ross. The Drowning Pool
Macdonald, Ross. The Far Side of the Dollar
Macdonald, Ross. The Long Goodbye
Macintyre, Ben. Prisoners of the Castle
MacKinnon, J. B. The Once and Future World
MacLeod, Alison. Unexploded
MacLeod, Jack. Uproar
MacMillan, Margaret. Nixon and Mao
MacMillan, Margaret. Paris 1919
MacMillan, Margaret. Stephen Leacock
MacMillan, Margaret. The Uses and Abuses of History
MacWilliams, Matthew C. On Fascism
Madden, Stacey. Poison Shy
Maddow, Rachel. Drift
Madrick, Jeff. Age of Greed
Magness, Phillip W. The 1619 Project: A Critique
Maharaj, Rabindranath. The Amazing Absorbing Boy
Malarek, Victor. The Johns
Malice, Michael. The New Right
Mamet, David. Bambi vs. Godzilla
Man, John. The Terracotta Army
Manchester, William. A World Lit Only by Fire
Manchette, Jean-Patrick. Fatale
Mankell, Henning. The Troubled Man
Mann, Charles. 1491
Mantel, Hilary. The Assassination of Margaret Thatcher
Mantel, Hilary. Bring Up the Bodies
Mantooth, John. Shoebox Train Wreck
Marche, Stephen. Shining at the Bottom of the Sea
Marcus, Ben. Leaving the Sea
Margolian, Howard. Conduct Unbecoming
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Living to Tell the Tale
Marquez, Gabriel Garcia. Memories of My Melancholy Whores
Marsh, Ngaio. The Nursing Home Murder
Martel, Yann. What Is Stephen Harper Reading?
Martin, Brett. Difficult Men
Martin, Samuel Thomas. A Blessed Snarl
Marx, Groucho. The Essential Groucho
Matthiessen, Peter. Tigers in the Snow
Mathijs, Ernest. 100 Cult Films
Max, D. T. Every Love Story Is a Ghost Story
Mayer, Jane. The Dark Side
Mazower, Mark. Hitler’s Empire
McAdam, Colin. A Beautiful Truth
McAdam, Colin. Fall
McCarthy, Cormac. No Country For Old Men
McCarthy, Cormac. The Passenger
McCarthy, Cormac. The Road
McCarthy, Cormac. Stella Maris
McCarthy, Tom. C
McCarthy, Tom. Remainder
McCrum, Robert. Globish
McCullough, David. John Adams
McGrath, Alison. In the Beginning
McEwan, Ian. On Chesil Beach
McEwan, Ian. Saturday
McEwan, Ian. Solar
McGilligan, Patrick. Alfred Hitchcock
McGinnis, Joe. Never Enough
McGuane, Thomas. Driving on the Rim
McIntyre, Lee. Post-truth
McKibben, Bill. Falter
McLean, Bethany. All the Devils Are Here
McManus, James. Positively Fifth Street
McMurtry, Larry. Still Wild
McNish, Jacquie. Wrong Way
McNulty, Lori. Life on Mars
McPhee, Michele R. Heartless
McPhee, Michele R. A Professor’s Rage
McPherson, Christian. The Cube People
McPherson, James M. The Illustrated Battle Cry of Freedom
McQuaig, Linda. All You Can Eat
McQuaig, Linda. The Cult of Impotence
McQuaig, Linda. It’s the Crude, Dude
Meades, Christopher. The Three Fates of Henrik Nordmark
Mellor, Lee. Cold North Killers
Menand, Louis. American Studies
Mendelsund, Peter. What We See When We Read
Mendik, Xavier. 100 Cult Films
Metcalf, John. Shut Up He Explained
Meyer, G. J. The Borgias
Meyer, G. J. The Tudors
Meyer, G. J. A World Undone
Meyers, Jeffrey. Somerset Maugham
Meyer, Karl E. The Dust of Empire
Miall, Laurence. Blind Spot
Michell, Stephen. Only the Devil Is Here
Miéville, China. Embassytown
Miéville, China. This Census-Taker
Miller, Frank. 300
Miller, Geoffrey. Spent
Millet, Lydia. How the Dead Dream
Milo, Paul. Your Flying Car Awaits
Mintzes, Barbara. Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals
Mirbeau, Octave. The Torture Garden
Mishra, Pankaj. Age of Anger
Mishra, Pankaj. Bland Fanatics
Mishra, Pankaj. From the Ruins of Empire
Mitchell, Bob. The Class Project
Mitchell, Greg. Tricky Dick and the Pink Lady
Monbiot, George. Feral
Monbiot, George. How Did We Get Into This Mess?
Montefiore, Simon Sebag. The Romanovs
Montefiore, Simon Sebag. Young Stalin
Moody, Rick. The Ice Storm
Moore, Lisa. February
Moore, Michael. Stupid White Men
Moorehead, Caroline. Mussolini’s Daughter
Moravia, Alberto. Agostino
Morgan, Richard. Black Man
Morris, Dick. The New Prince
Morris, Edmund. Theodore Rex
Morris, Errol. A Wilderness of Error
Morris, Ian. Why the West Rules — For Now
Mortimer, Ian. The Perfect King
Morton, Desmond. A Short History of Canada
Moshenska, Joe. Making Darkness Light
Mosier, John. Verdun
Moss, Adam. New York Stories
Moss, Michael. Salt Sugar Fat
Mount, Nick. Arrival
Moynihan, Ray. Sex, Lies and Pharmaceuticals
Moya, Horacio Castellanos. Dance With Snakes
Moyo, Dambisa. How the West Was Lost
Munro, Alice. The View from Castle Rock
Munroe, Jim. Everyone in Silico
Murakami, Haruki. After Dark
Murakami, Haruki. After the Quake
Murakami, Haruki. Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
Murakami, Haruki. Kafka on the Shore
Murakami, Haruki. 1Q84
Murakami, Haruki. South of the Border, West of the Sun
Murakami, Haruki. Sputnik Sweetheart
Murakami, Haruki. Underground
Murphy, Cullen. Are We Rome?
Murphy, Cullen. God’s Jury
Murray, Janet H. Hamlet on the Holodeck
Myers, B. R. A Reader’s Manifesto


Nash, Susie. Northern Renaissance Art
Nathan, Debbie. Sybil Exposed
Naylor, R. T. Crass Struggle
Nelson, Craig. Thomas Paine
Nemni, Max. Trudeau Transformed
Nemni, Monique. Trudeau Transformed
Newell Jr., Paul Clark. Empty Mansions
Newman, Kim. Nightmare Movies
Newman, Peter C. When the Gods Changed
Newton, Michael. The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
Nickle, David. Licence Expired
Nickle, David. Monstrous Affections
Niedzviecki, Hal. Hello, I’m Special
Niedzviecki, Hal. Trees on Mars
Nikiforuk, Andrew. The Energy of Slaves
Nikiforuk, Andrew. Pandemonium
Nikiforuk, Andrew. Tar Sands
Nixey, Catherine. The Darkening Age
Noah, Timothy. The Great Divergence
Nocera, Joe. All the Devils Are Here
Norman, Barry. 100 Best Films of the Century
Norman, Peter. Emberton
Noyes, Steve. November’s Radio


Oates, Joyce Carol. Zombie
Obama, Barack. A Promised Land
O’Brien, Edna. James Joyce
O’Connell, Robert L. The Ghosts of Cannae
O’Donnell, James J. Augustine
O’Donnell, James J. The Ruin of the Roman Empire
Oliver, Lauren. Rooms
Ollman, Joe. This Will All End in Tears
O’Loughlin, Ed. Minds of Winter
O’Loughlin, Ed. Toploader
Ondjaki. Transparent City
O’Rourke, P. J. On the Wealth of Nations
Orozco, Daniel. Orientation
Orrell, David. Truth or Beauty
Osberg, Lars. The Age of Increasing Inequality
Osnos, Evan. Wildland: The Making of America’s Fury


Packer, George. The Unwinding
Pagden, Anthony. The Enlightenment and Why It Still Matters
Paglia, Camille. The Birds
Paglia, Camille. Glittering Images
Palahniuk, Chuck. Pygmy
Palast, Greg. Vultures’ Picnic
Pamuk, Orhan. The Museum of Innocence
Panhuyzen, Brian. The Sky Manifest
Papademos, Basil. Mont Royal
Parkin, Simon. Death by Video Game
Parry, Richard Lloyd. People Who Eat Darkness
Patterson, James T. Restless Giant
Pauwels, Jacques R. The Great Class War 1914 – 1918
Paxton, Robert O. The Anatomy of Fascism
Payne, Rob. Sushi Daze
Payton, Brian. Ice Passage
Peace, David. Nineteen Eighty
Peace, David. Nineteen Eighty-three
Peace, David. Nineteen Seventy-four
Peace, David. Nineteen Seventy-seven
Peace, David. Tokyo Year Zero
Penkov, Miroslav. East of the West
Penny, Louise. The Murder Stone
Penzler, Otto. Bibliomysteries
Penzler, Otto. The Big Book of Adventure Stories
Penzler, Otto. Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!
Perkel, Colin N. Well of Lies
Perlstein, Rick. The Invisible Bridge
Perlstein, Rick. Reaganland
Perrotta, Tom. Little Children
Perry, Daniel. Hamburger
Persky, Stan. Reading the 21st Century
Petersen, Alice. All the Voices Cry
Phillips, Jonathan. The Second Crusade
Phillips, Peter. Censored 2003
Phillips, Peter. Censored 2009
Phillips, Peter. Censored 2010
Phillips, Peter. Censored 2011
Philpott, William. War of Attrition
Piccirilli, Tom. Every Shallow Cut
Pickett, Kate. The Spirit Level
Pierce, Charles P. Idiot America
Pitts, Gordon. Kings of Convergence
Plotz, David. The Genius Factory
Pomerantsev, Peter. Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible
Poplak, Richard. Kenk
Poplak, Richard. The Sheikh’s Batmobile
Porco, Alessandro. The Jill Kelly Poems
Posner, Gerald. Case Closed
Posner, Sarah. Unholy
Postman, Neil. Technopoly
Potter, Andrew. The Authenticity Hoax
Potter, Andrew. On Decline
Pottle, Adam. Mantis Dreams
Pratt, Tim. Briarpatch
Preston, Andrew. Sword of the Spirit, Shield of Faith
Prideaux, Sue. I Am Dynamite!
Prothero, Stephen. American Jesus
Pulitzer, Lisa. Portrait of a Monster
Pullman, Philip. The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ
Putnam, Robert D. Bowling Alone
Puttnam, David. Movies and Money
Pynchon, Thomas. Bleeding Edge
Pynchon, Thomas. Inherent Vice
Pynchon, Thomas. Mason & Dixon
Pyper, Andrew. The Demonologist
Pyper, Andrew. The Killing Circle


Quart, Alissa. Branded


Raine, Adrian. The Anatomy of Violence
Rapport, Mike. 1848: Year of Revolution
Ravvin, Norman. The Joyful Child
Read, Piers Paul. The Dreyfus Affair
Reaney, James. The Essential James Reaney
Redekop, Corey. Husk
Reding, Nick. Methland
Reed, John. Ten Days That Shook the World
Reid, Iain. Foe
Reiterman, Tim. Raven
Reitman, Janet. Inside Sociology
Remini, Robert V. Joseph Smith
Renfrew, Colin. Prehistory
Reuben, David. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask)
Reynolds, Alastair. Blue Remembered Earth
Reynolds, J. L. Free Rider
Ricci, Nino. Testament
Rice, Anne. The Wolf Gift
Richards, David Adams. God Is.
Richards, David Adams. Lord Beaverbrook
Richards, David Adams. The Lost Highway
Richards, Stewart. The Great Train Robbery
Richardson, C. S. The End of the Alphabet
Richardson, Heather Cox. How the South Won the Civil War
Richler, Noah. This Is My Country, What’s Yours?
Ricks, Thomas E. Fiasco
Rigelhof, T. F. Hooked on Canadian Books
Rivlin, Gary. Broke, USA
Roberts, Paul William. A War Against Truth
Robertson, Ray. Mental Hygiene
Robertson, Ray. Why Not?
Robins, Jane. The Curious Habits of Doctor Adams
Robinson, James A. Why Nations Fail
Robertson, Heather-jane. No More Teachers, No More Books
Roche, Charlotte. Wetlands
Roche, Charlotte. Wrecked
Rockoff, Adam. The Horror of It All
Rodgers, Daniel T. Age of Fracture
Rogers, Guy MacLean. Alexander
Rokeach, Milton. The Three Christs of Ypsilanti
Romm, James. Dying Every Day
Romm, James. Ghost on the Throne
Ronson, Jon. Them
Rooke, Leon. Hitting the Charts
Rosen, William. The Most Powerful Idea in the World
Rosenbaum, Richard. Can’t Lit
Rosenbaum, Ron. Explaining Hitler
Rosenthal, A. M. Thirty-Eight Witnesses
Roth, Andrew. Censored 2009
Roth, Andy Lee. Censored 2013
Roth, Andy Lee. Censored 2016
Roth, Andy Lee. Censored 2018
Roth, Philip. Exit Ghost
Rothschild, Mike. The Storm Is Upon Us
Roumieu, Graham. Highly Inappropriate Tales for Young People
Rourke, Lee. The Canal
Rubin, Jeff. The Carbon Bubble
Rubin, Jeff. Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller
Rubinstein, Julian. The Ballad of the Whiskey Robber
Rucker, Philip. I Alone Can Fix It
Ruddick, James. Death at the Priory
Runciman, David. How Democracy Ends
Russel-Pavier, Nick. The Great Train Robbery
Russo, Richard. The Whore’s Child
Ryback, Timothy W. Hitler’s Private Library


Sacks, David. Language Visible
Safire, William. Let a Simile Be Your Umbrella
Sales, Nancy Jo. The Bling Ring
Salinger, Margaret. Dream Catcher
Samuelson, Robert J. Untruth
Sandbrook, Dominic. Mad as Hell
Sandel, Michael. The Tyranny of Merit
Sands, Stella, The Dating Game Killer
Sarrantonio, Al. Stories
Saul, John Ralston. A Fair Country
Saul, John Ralston. Reflections of a Siamese Twin
Saunders, George. Tenth of December
Savoie, Donald J. Whatever Happened to the Music Teacher?
Schama, Simon. Rembrandt’s Eyes
Schecter, Harold. The A-Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers
Schecter, Harold. Deranged
Schecter, Harold. Deviant
Schecter, Harold. The Devil’s Gentleman
Schecter, Harold. True Crime
Schell, Orville. Wealth and Power
Schenkel, Andrea Maria. The Murder Farm
Schiedel, Walter. The Great Leveler
Schiller, Lawrence. Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
Schliesmann, Paul. Honour on Trial
Schmidt, Michael. Lives of the Poets
Schom, Alan. Napoleon Bonaparte
Schrank, Ben. Consent
Schultz, Emily. Heaven is Small
Scott, A. O. Better Living Through Criticism
Scott, Henry E. Shocking True Story
Scotti, R. A. Vanished Smile
Seib, Gerald F. We Should Have Seen It Coming
Seierstad, Asne. One of Us
Sellars, John. Lessons in Stoicism
Selleck, Lee. Dying for Gold
Seth. George Sprott, 1894 – 1975
Seth. The G. N. B. Double C.
Shannon, Samantha. The Bone Season
Shapiro, James. Contested Will
Shapiro, James. The Year of Lear
Shearman, Robert. Remember Why You Fear Me
Shell, Ellen Ruppel. Cheap
Shenkman, Rick. Just How Stupid Are We?
Shensher, Lori. That Lonely Section of Hell
Sher, Julian. “Until You Are Dead”
Shields, David. Reality Hunger
Shoalts, Adam. Alone Against the North
Shorter, Edward. Written in the Flesh
Shorto, Russel. Amsterdam
Shrady, Nicholas. The Last Day
Siklos, Richard. Shades of Black
Silber, Laura. Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation
Siljak, Ana. Angel of Vengeance
Simpson, Joe. Dark Shadows Falling
Sims, Cliff. Team of Vipers
Sinclair, Andy. Breathing Lessons
Sinclair, Struan. Automatic World
Sirota, David. Back to Our Future
Skal, David J. The Monster Show
Slinger, Joey. Nina, the Bandit Queen
Smail, Daniel Lord. On Deep History and the Brain
Smith, Brad. Red Means Run
Smith, Graeme. The Dogs Are Eating Them Now
Smith, Graham. The Light of Day
Smith, Kyle. Love Monkey
Smith, Neil. Bang Crunch
Smith, Ray. The Flush of Victory
Smith, Russell. Girl Crazy
Smith, Russell. Muriella Pent
Smith, Russell. Young Men
Smith, Scott. The Ruins
Smolin, Lee. Time Reborn
Snyder, Timothy. On Tyranny
Snyder, Timothy. The Road to Unfreedom
Socken, Paul. The Edge of Precipice
Solway, David. Director’s Cut
Somers, Jeff. Lifers
Somerset, A. J. Arms
Somerset, A. J. Combat Camera
Somerville, Margaret. The Ethical Imagination
Sommers, Christina Hoff. The War Against Boys
Specktor, Matthew. The Sting
Spence, Jonathan. Mao Zedong
Spence, Jonathan D. The Search for Modern China
Spengler, Oswald. The Decline of the West
Spillane, Mickey. Kiss Her Goodbye
Spilsbury, Julian. The Indian Mutiny
Stalley, Roger. Early Medieval Architecture
Starnino, Carmine. A Lover’s Quarrel
Starnino, Carmine. This Way Out
Starr, Douglas. The Killer of Little Shepherds
Steinmetz, Andrew. Eva’s Threepenny Theatre
Stenson, Fred. The Trade
Stephenson, Neal. Anathem
Stephenson, Neal. Fall; or, Dodge in Hell
Stephenson, Neal. The Rise and Fall of D.O.D.O.
Sterling, Bruce. Tomorrow Now
Sternbergh, Adam. The Blinds
Stewart, James B. Blind Eye
Stewart, James B. DisneyWar
Stewart, Katherine. The Power Worshippers
Stewart, Shannon. Penny Dreadful
Stewart, Sinclair. Wrong Way
Stewart, Walter. Bank Heist
Stone, Alex. Fooling Houdini
Stott, Rebecca. Darwin’s Ghosts
Straub, Peter. Poe’s Children
Strauss, Barry. The Trojan War
Strouse, Jean. Morgan: American Financier
Strube, Cordelia. Milosz
Strube, Cordelia. Planet Reese
Sturrock, Donald. Storyteller
Summer, Anthony. The Eleventh Day
Sundman, John F. X. Acts of the Apostles
Sutherland, John. Bestsellers
Sutherland, John. A Little History of Literature
Sutin, Lawrence. Divine Invasions
Suzuki, Koji. Ring
Swann, Robyn. The Eleventh Day
Swartz, Mimi. Power Failure
Swirski, Peter. From Literature to Biterature
Syjuco, Miguel. Ilustrado
Sykes, Charles J. Fail U.
Sypeck, Jeff. Becoming Charlemagne


Taibbi, Matt. The Great Derangement
Tanenhaus, Sam. The Death of Conservatism
Tannahill, Jordan. Liminal
Tarkington, Booth. The Magnificent Ambersons
Taylor, Alan. The Civil War of 1812
Taylor, Drew Hayden. Take Us to Your Chief
Taylor, Timothy. Story House
Tetlock, Philip E. Superforecasting
Therborn, Göran. The World
Thomas, D. M. Alexander Solzhenitsyn
Thompson, Clive. Smarter Than You Think
Thompson, Cole. Portrait of a Monster
Thompson, Francis. Dying for Gold
Thomson, David. Have You Seen . . . ?
Thomson, David. The Moment of Psycho
Todd, Olivia. Albert Camus
Todd, Paula. Extreme Mean
Tóibín, Colm. All a Novelist Needs
Tóibín, Colm. The Empty Family
Toobin, Jeffrey. American Heiress
Toobin, Jeffrey. The Oath
Toobin, Jeffrey. Too Close to Call
Toobin, Jeffrey. A Vast Conspiracy
Toynbee, Polly. The Lost Decade
Trafford, Matthew J. The Divinity Gene
Trillin, Calvin. Quite Enough of Calvin Trillin
Trofimov, Yaroslav. The Siege of Mecca
Trollope, Joanna. Sense and Sensibility
Trombetta, Jim. The Horror! The Horror!
Trotter, Joshua. All This Could Be Yours
Trump, Mary L. The Reckoning
Trunkey, Laura. Double Dutch
Tsutsui, Yasutaka. Paprika
Tuchman, Barbara. A Distant Mirror
Turner, Michael. 8X10
Twenge, Jean M. The Narcissism Epidemic


Ugresic, Dubravka. Thank You for Not Reading
Ullrich, Volker. Hitler: Ascent
Unger, Craig. The Fall of the House of Bush
Unger, Miles. Machiavelli
Updike, John. Licks of Love
Updike, John. Terrorist


Valtat, Jean-Christophe. Aurorarama
Varley, Lynn. 300
Vaughn-James, Martin. The Cage
Vida, Vendela. And Now You Can Go
Vidal, Gore. The Smithsonian Institution
Villaverde, J. M. Dance of the Suitors
Von Baeyer, Hans Christian. Maxwell’s Demon
Vronsky, Peter. American Serial Killers
Vronsky, Peter. Sons of Cain


Waiser, Bill. Who Killed Jackie Bates?
Walker, David. The Lost Decade
Wallace, David Foster. Both Flesh and Not
Wallace, David Foster. The Pale King
Wallace-Wells, David. The Uninhabitable Earth
Walmsley, Tom. Dog Eat Rat
Waltner-Toews, David. The Origin of Feces
Walton, Kenneth. Fake
Wangersky, Russell. The Glass Harmonica
Ware, Chris. Jimmy Corrigan
Warrick, Joby. Black Flags
Waterfield, Robin. Why Socrates Died
Waters, John. Carsick
Watkins, Sherron. Power Failure
Watson, Peter. A Terrible Beauty
Watts, Carl. I Just Wrote This Five Minutes Ago . . .
Watts, Jonathan. When a Billion Chinese Jump
Wawro, Geoffrey. A Mad Catastrophe
Wedgwood, C. V. The Thirty Years War
Weir, Ian. Daniel O’Thunder
Weis, René. Shakespeare Revealed
Weisberg, Jacob. The Bush Tragedy
Wells, Jon. Death’s Shadow
Wheatcroft, Andrew. Infidels
Wheen, Francis. Marx’s Das Kapital
Whitaker, Robert. Anatomy of an Epidemic
White, Edward. The Twelves Lives of Alfred Hitchcock
Whitlock, Nathan. Congratulations on Everything
Whitlock, Nathan. A Week of This
Wiener, Mandy. One Tragic Night
Wiersema, Robert J. The World More Full of Weeping
Winchester, Simon. The Map That Changed the World
Wilkinson, Toby. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt
Wilkinson, Richard. The Spirit Level
Willis, Andrew. The Bre-X Fraud
Wills, Gary. St. Augustine
Wilson, A. N. After the Victorians
Wilson, A. N. The Elizabethans
Wilson, A. N. Our Times
Wilson, Damon. Murder Spree
Wilson, Edward O. Consilience
Wilson, Edward O. The Future of Life
Wilson, Robert Charles. Axis
Wilson, Rowan. Murder Spree
Winchester, Simon. Krakatoa
Winder, Simon. The Man Who Saved Britain
Winter, Michael. The Death of Donna Whalen
Wolcott, James. Critical Mass
Wolf, Alison. The XX Factor
Wolf, Hubert. The Nuns of Sant’Ambrogio
Wolfe, Tom. Hooking Up
Wolff, Michael. Fire and Fury
Wolff, Michael. Landslide
Wood, Gordon S. Empire of Liberty
Wood, James. How Fiction Works
Woodward, Bob. Fear
Woodward, Bob. Peril
Woodward, Bob. Rage
Woodward, Bob. Shadow
Worth, Robert F. A Rage for Order
Wright, Lawrence. The Looming Tower
Wright, Ronald. What Is America?


X, Professor. In the Basement of the Ivory Tower


York, Lorraine. Literary Celebrity in Canada
Young, Toby. How to Lose Friends and Alienate People


Zaitchik, Alexander. The Gilded Rage
Zajac, Gord. Major Karnage
Zernike, Kate. Boiling Mad
Zielenziger, Michael. Shutting Out the Sun
Zimmer, Carl. Evolution
Zinoman, Jason. Shock Value
Zombory-Moldován, Béla. The Burning of the World
Zuckoff, Mitchell. Judgment Ridge
Zygar, Mikhail. The Empire Must Die

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